You spend an average of 2,000 hours in your office each year. 

Shouldn't you be working somewhere you actually want to spend time?


beautiful workspaces for ambitious companies. this is caledonian house.


As the days roll by, and life continues apace, it is easy to forget the impact our environment can have on our work and our life. Often times we will spend over 2,000 hours per year in our office. Now, more than ever, you can tell a lot about what a company thinks about its customers and itself by taking a look around its office. Just as first impressions count for people, they count doubly for businesses of all shapes and sizes. 

But, judging by some of the lobbies and meeting rooms you find yourself in, too many enterprises talk the talk, but back at HQ it’s all electric blue carpets and harsh fluorescent lighting. 

For many of us, this is all we’ve ever known. Caledonian House is a serviced business centre which stands in stark contrast. 

Housed in an old Georgian bank at the heart of Elgin’s busy High Street, Caledonian House plays host to a diverse grouping of 10 design-led workspaces, each one unique and renovated with pride and purpose. 

Caledonian House has been carefully optimised to create a holistic space which encourages creativity and productivity. With stylish gathering spaces and impressive period features, Caledonian House isn’t just a place to ‘work’ - it’s a place to be, and create. 



Caledonian House is located on Elgin’s High Street, in the administrative capital of Moray Speyside. This region is home to some of the world’s largest and most recognisable food and drink companies, and is the world capital of the malt whisky industry. Elgin is also perfectly situated, with international sea ports, airports and major rail routes surrounding the historic cathedral city. 

Caledonian House is the ideal base for your company’s northern outpost, or to develop your start-up in one of Northern Europe’s most dynamic and fasted growing economic regions. 



Caledonian House is designed and built around the needs of ambitious companies and organisations with big plans. To be truly high growth, we know you need access to high standards of service. Our enterprise-class Internet offering is included in your rent, and is lightening fast. Our hyper-connected systems hook your office into smart utilities, like automatic lighting and responsive heating.


The suite of workspace available at Caledonian House runs the full gamut from the cosy-but-perfectly-formed to the large-and-in-charge. Many of our suites are designed for large organisations looking for an impressive northern outpost. Connectivity is key, and care has been taken to provide telecommunications access of the highest standard throughout our suites. 


With period features, exposed stone walls, grand staircases, and impressive views over the city of Elgin, Caledonian House sets the right tone for businesses large and small. Because our suite of workspaces is so diverse, we can accommodate organisations of all shapes and sizes - from the freelance practitioner looking for a home for her business, to the local industry leader in search of office space which reflects their values and aspirations. A good interior should say something about you and your company. The first impression you give your clients and employees will stay with them for a very, very long time. 




All rents at Caledonian House include high-speed internet, heating, electricity, and security. 



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Caledonian House uses cutting edge technology and a robust network to create a smarter working environment which saves you time and money (while also saving the planet along the way). We’ve created a network of z-wave sensors to turn off the lights and heating when you’re not in the office, and keep your energy use to a minimum. You can boast of your green credentials to your clients, while enjoying a much lower rental rate as a result. 


Caledonian House benefits from enterprise-class, super-fast Internet, each office benefits from numerous electric and Ethernet sockets, positioned around the room to allow you to stay connected whatever your set-up, as well as a wi-fi hotspot on a secure private network. 


Caledonian House uses its smart network of sensors to save you money, but they are also designed to keep you and your team safe.  Sensors in every office monitor motion, temperature and even know when the window opens.  Opening the window during office hours will simply turn off the heating, but at night it notifies a member of our team of unusual activity.


All our workspaces are set behind a secure entry system on the ground floor. Each workspace is fitted with a touch screen intercom to allow your clients entry during your office hours. These intercoms also allow you to see who is in the lobby using a one-way camera. With our security systems, you are in complete control of who enters your space.


The monthly rental includes heating, electricity and use of the building’s Internet connection.